April 23rd, 2019

With Every Breath

With every breath I take, I breath you in.
With all we share, we have become one.
With every thought, is a thought of you.
With all we talk, I still want to hear more.

With every gift, one is returned.
With all we give, we never run out.
With every word, I await to hear more.
With all we have, comes true wealth.

With every moment, I love you even more.
With all our love, we'll never part ways.
With every happy thought, is a thought of you.
With all I see, I see only you.

With every look to the future, includes you.
With all my feeling, I become speechless.
With every fall, we catch one another.
With all my time, I want to spend with you.

With every change, it changes for the better.
With all the goodness, comes more good.
With every truth, brings us closer together.
With all our virtue, comes more happiness.

With every act of kindness, makes us stronger.
With all I got, I want to give it all to you.
With every growth, comes growing together.
With all we are, nothing can come betwixt us.

Wes D. Sturdevant