April 23rd, 2019


Knowing to well, that feeling of loneliness,
Perceiving thyself worthless and insignificant,
Maudlin, as one subduing some calamity,
Unable to refrain from being despondent,

Finding solace only in my indifference,
Inertly servile, hopeless and feeble,
Now remaining contiguous to apathy,
Stuck with an infirmity that's indescribable,

A door abruptly opens to liveliness.
Mind and soul becoming euphoric.
Incessant thoughts driving me to insanity.
Caught in chaos, I am but a lunatic.

Now pleading to stop the madness,
Impetuous for an end.
Lethargy and Vivacity,
It seems neither is my friend...

Wes D. Sturdevant